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service descriptions

tension relief

This 30 minute massage includes our Tension Relief oil,

and is a quick way to relieve tension

by focusing on the scalp, neck, shoulders and back.


This 30 minute massage uses relaxation techniques on the back and feet--

using light/medium pressure with a combination of essential oils

that are hand picked for your specific needs.

foot massage

This 30 minute massage pampers your feet and lower legs-- 

and includes complimentary hot towels and a sugar scrub.


This 30 minute massage focuses on your face and scalp-- 

with hot towels and Gua Sha treatment.


This 30 minute massage includes an exfoliating sugar scrub & hot towels.


Available as an add-on to 60+ minute massages, Gua Sha promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage, improves fine lines and wrinkles, and relieves tension from muscles. 


Available as an add-on to 60+ minute massages, Medi-Cupping increases circulation, relieves muscle tension, and may help promote cell repair. 


Enjoy a 60 minute full body massage while your partner relaxes with a 45 minute float or sauna session, then switch. End your session together by relaxing in our lounge

area with a healthy beverage and snack!


Combine these healing and rejuvenating therapies in back to back sessions

for a complete body reset.

vacuum therapy services
(listed below)
face lift & detox

Gentle medi-cupping to the face to reduce puffiness, open sinuses,

promote circulation, and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

butt lift / cupping

Larger cups made specifically for the gluteal muscles are applied directly to the buttocks to decrease muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and remove toxins which help lift and tone the butt in a non-invasive way.

full body lymphatic detox

Medi-cupping from head to toe, to flush out any toxins throughout your lymphatic system.

All packages and combos will be connected to a client account.

Terms and conditions apply. Appointment bookings are subject to availability.
Book early-- 1 week to 1 month in advance-- depending on choice of day & time.
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